Aiya. >_<
Date : Sunday, January 10
Time : 1:16 PM
Title :

HAHAH. hello~ amazin lols! gt 3 ppl found out le O.O''

aiseh hw u all did that..
haha. i abandon comp le.. cos gt dvd player and zy disc. haha.
nw ppl will not see me online often anymore. HAHA.
tt day relatives come our hse. ahzhen so cute. tsk.
den tt day bought the dvdplayer. so cheap oni. gd!
jus nw i saw xinhui msg thats y i on comp. LOL!
im suppose to send her the d&t thingy, but i alr forgotten - -'
hmm. ytd wrk. i keep do wron thing. wads wron wif me= =
sry zhilin = ='
den gt one guy look like xiao jing teng.. weilun..?? damn hilarious!
den zy n xh come find me.. tok tok abit. dey go collect cosplay things
den make me tempted. but i borrow. LOLS. soifong..? omg.. -__=
den.. i suddenly tink of future. hw i wan it to be? hahas. same goes for everyone oso.

wtf i was late man. >_<"
ohye.. tml mayb go zy hse c milu the sterilized dog and mayb watch movie. haha.
den milu n my bombom the sterilized rabbit can b frens alrdy..
both also very zibi. both of them always face 4 walls and emo. LOL.
ok pics.?
aiya no pics. ok i go eat le. bye~
aiya. long time no c some ppl le lidat.. soy jian. LOL. mayb go visit jes ba. due to the operation she might nt be goin soy le. >.<

OHYE. whos goin for soy i wonder. hahas.


Date : Monday, January 4
Time : 4:27 PM
Title : slpy..

im bck frm sch.
wa. first day of sch..
i keep feel so slpy.
my classmates very funny.
oyster sit beside me. woo.
den early in the mornin jiu catch catch tis n tt= =
so ma fan. stupid rules..
wa i like sq hair. i wan cut like tt woo.
mus borrow scissors frm zy XDXD
ltr i look like alien. haha.
hai. jus nw do the chi proj i cnnt open the thing zz..
den forget it dun do first hehe den ltr i go slp. wa rare to c me nap.
yea. den i noe my form tcher is ms li and form tutor is the mdm humaiyah. heng heng..
math is mr bi den chi is 2 tchers i forgot their name lol!
hmm.. ss is oso ms li and the ms zahali? aiya forgot le la.. i oni wan slp hai.
okie i nw reli go slp le bye~ lol!


Date : Sunday, January 3
Time : 9:34 PM
Title : last day another day..

zzz. tried so many attempts and finally manage to take e pic while we climb the long long thing lol!

hi im bck.
wtf i now put mask den sis jump and shout when she saw me= =
cos i hiding behind thr but nt on purpose. lols!
den mama saw oso shock. wth!
den i wan laugh oso cnnt keep control like '...>.<'

lols! jus now very fun.
windy but keep sweat. = =
xh injured. thx to vernon. lols!
den i like to be ride by the stunt bike?? LOLS.
nt go far places, bt still is fun. haha.
sora skate so pro la. ren bu mao xiang. lol!
si zy hair very itchy. = =
den gt go the park climb the thing den i drop my fone.
nw gt sratch so heart pain. lol!
xh keep cnnt climb. haiyoh even children more pro. tsk.

few more hrs i nid go sch alr. hais. sad.
lols! i wonder who is my classmates?
i in 3e4. haha. i appeal den fail. hahaha!
ok. i return my sis to use the lappy le.
tdy i mus slp b4 12. hopefully. >_<
hols mood gone pls hols mood gone pls~~

byebye. omg one piece nice. LOL. cnnt wait to c the boa hancock lols!


Date :
Time : 1:40 PM
Title :

hahaha. so happy i 7am den slp.
den 10am+ sis come wake me up dono for wad - -
den i wake up c gt lappy i use.
den blog awhile.
aiya i later go cyclin + return bk ba.
hopefully no lan. haha.
i am energetic. bye~

lili= =

Date :
Time : 12:35 AM
Title : lilililililili

hi. happy new yr happy 2010 & i am so random. = =
borin borin borin. bt cnnt go out oso. sian.
ohye i shall c who the first to find out i finally blog. LOLS.
shld i go out tml? hais budden budden...
ok tis one is my first post aft so long.
i nxt tym den tag ppl ba.
ok bye & nite~

lili. lols!

Date : Tuesday, August 25
Time : 4:18 PM
Title :

haha, hi people. ;D
goodday goodday, bad day for me.
yesterday was baking day(again).
went adel hse bake CUPCAKES.
quite a failure, but fun la. ;D
ws was the freeloader. LOL.

Today, was my bad day.
*cos i had a bad day, ~ *
... ok enough with craps.
today's weather was really good, i keep falling aslp.
aft sch, engtuck join us walkin home.
suddenly, we smelled curry n got the urge to eat pratas.
in the end we really went to eat.
otw, saw wanqiN(wanqi) too.
Finally reached, and ordered.
hais engtuck, u nv failed to make ppl laugh . =-=
i laugh till my heart pain,
control till i still end up burst out laughing,
laugh till my contact lens drop,
laugh till eyes red,
laugh till cry.
can u imagine how scary it was?! LOL.
when i was washin the lenses, i saw one ahblack go in toilet. hes workin at the prata shop too.
when he came out, he didnt wash his hands.
also, hes the cook.
den i realise, he go toilet nv wash hand, if hes the one making the pratas, means wad we've ate was...... T_T"

ok nvm. after the laughin session, went home. my stomach was on fire. LOL.
went toilet many times.
the end.

byebye. ;D

Date : Sunday, August 23
Time : 11:56 AM
Title :

tsktsk. ok i blog i blog!
lazy.. short post.
ahem ahem. BINK! i heard the oven sound . ;D
guess wad~ yes im baking cookies now.
also eatin the chao ta-ed ones. omg. =-=
ya. will get cancer if eat chao ta. who cares. LOL.
wow. i skipped breakfast and lunch, yet now still not hungry. pro?
Duh. cookie making was easy. but seems a little black. (ok jm i know u made better cookies).
HEYHEYHEY. this is first time!! AHAHHA. first time and solo. im alone right now alright!!

yesterday. keep fallin aslp. damn the flu n cough. ZZZ.
hm. hey people. im cosplayin. AS A GUY. HAHAHA. randomniser~~~
shock?? ya pls feel shock if u dunno. LOL.
Support me alright!! LOLSSSS.
just now, went to wash the wig. was like omgomg.
Den sis tell me not to let her c the wig. cos shes superstitious. T_T"
N tried to scare me by sayin the wig will move and speak and etc. LOL.
like i will be scare. =-=
cos i spent money over it, if can move can speak better la! LOL.

ok im soundin weird now. yeah, i posted. ;D
*will be lazy to tag ogays... ~_~*

(anywae, diet failed. knew it. HA.HA.HA.)

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